Monday, September 1, 2014


                           Café Coffee Day is an Indian café chain owned by Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company. It is the biggest chain with a humungous amount of revenue.
                            But nothing can be achieved with great dedication and external support. The same story is of Café Coffee Day.
                            Bipasha Chakraberty, founder and director of Amalgamated bean coffee trading company (ABCTC) was and is a Chikmagalur, Karnataka based company which grows coffee in its own estates of 12,000 acres (4249 hectares).
                            He came across a very innovative coffee powder machine, which reduced the labour and production costs with high productivity and desired texture.
                            With the help of these machines ABCTC became the largest producer of Arabica beans in Asia exporting to various countries including USA, Europe and Japan.
                            Later on, he decided to open a coffee out-let with western and attractive line, called “Café Coffee Day”.
                             Café Coffee Day was started as a retail restaurant arm of ABCTC in 1996. The first CCD outlet was set up on July 11, 1996, at Brigade Road, Bangalore, Karnataka.
                             After the opening, CCD was unable to withstand the expectations of the company as it was not performing well with respect to crowd pull and revenue.
                             Then the company decided to survey this issue and came out with the result that CCD was not popular enough and the edibles provided are not different from the other food outlets.
                             CCD came with an idea of using the latest advertising technique and makes people aware of the place. Their task was to bring uniqueness in their food and beverages.
                             In-order to get that uniqueness, they invested on various machines which was designed in such a way that they would prepare coffee powders in the desire form and would make one of the best coffee’s which the consumers never tasted before or would taste better than their previous desired beverage.

                                 These technological innovations brought pulled in people and gave a hope of survival of CCD and provided a unique place for consumers to feast on. Later on CCD brought in preserving showcases which cater the fresh need of consumers.
                                 CCD has also launched a new technique of drawing people with a “free Wi-Fi” scheme. They have brought e-tables with the help of Microsoft platforms in order to provide a unique experience of hanging out.
                                 Today CCD has over 1534 store across the nation with yearly revenue of US$140 million and this all has happened with the innovation of high technique machines.

                                 Though technology has drawbacks but its gains and achievements have surpassed it. It’s within us that how judicially we use our technology.

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